HP LaserJet 1000 Printer - Service information form

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Service information form

Service information form

Who is returning the equipment?


Person to contact:


Alternate contact:


Return shipping address:

Special shipping instructions:

What is being sent?

Model number:

Serial number:

Please attach any relevant printouts when returning equipment.

Do not

ship accessories that are not

required to complete the repair (for example, media trays, manuals, and cleaning supplies)

What needs to be done?

1. Describe the conditions of the failure (What was the failure? What were you doing when the failure
occurred? What software were you running? Can you make the failure reoccur?)

2. If the failure is intermittent, how much time elapses between failures?

3. Is the unit connected to any of the following? (Please provide manufacturer and model numbers.)
Personal Computer: Modem: Network:

4. Additional comments:

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62 Chapter 7 Service and support