HP LaserJet 1000 Printer - Error messages on the screen

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Error messages on the screen

Error messages on the screen

Error message


Printer not responding

Check the following:

The Ready light is on.

The power cord and USB cable are correctly connected.


Before you connect the cable to the printer, always unplug the
printer. Otherwise, the printer might be damaged.

Cannot access port (in use by
another application)

Try the following:

Reboot the computer.

Make sure that you are only running one software application at a time.

Illegal operation/General
protection fault/Spool 32 error

A problem with your computer system resources (memory or hard disk)
occurred in Windows. To clear this error, restart your computer.

To help prevent this error from occurring in the future, use some or all of the
following recommendations:

Run fewer applications at the same time. Close applications that you
are not using instead of minimizing them. Programs such as screen
savers, virus checkers, status software, fax/answering software, and
menu programs use the resources that you might need to print.

Avoid memory-intensive tasks such as sending a fax or running a video
clip while printing.

Delete all temp (file_name.tmp) files from the Temp subdirectories,
such as C:\Windows\Temp.

Print at a lower resolution.

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42 Chapter 6 Troubleshooting the printer